Campus Square / Rosalind Franklin Square

The vibrant heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park
Over the coming years, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be transformed from a business park into a campus. The campus square will be the heart of this area. Here, the university, businesses and the city of Leiden get together.


The Campusplein with seating areas and a large sunbathing lawn will invite to relaxed meetings between students and employees at the park and residents of the city. The grassy square is located right between houses in the Entrance Area and the Lecture Hall and the Gorlaeus building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The main entrances to both buildings are located on this square, which now has the official name Rosalind Franklinplein.

The grassy area is adjacent to a square pavement on the west side. On the south and east side there will be rows of trees, so temperature remains pleasantly cool in the summer.  An elevation in the grass surface gives it the atmosphere of an amphitheatre and can also serve as a stand.

The Campusplein at the Leiden Bio Science Park will therefore be used for all kinds of activities for students, employees and residents from the area. Think, for example, of a science festival, performances and sports activities.


  • Run time
  • Type
    Green space
  • Landowner
    Leiden University
  • Surface area
    24.800 m2
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