Lecture Hall

Modernising an iconic Leiden University building
This round 'dish' on the west side of of the Campus Square houses the university's largest lecture halls. Hundreds of students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences attend lectures here on a daily basis. The building also has the largest solar panel roof in Leiden, with 1241 solar panels.


Starting in the summer of 2022, this building will undergo a major renovation. The lecture halls and the restaurant will be modernized, and the management wing and current entrance on the west side will be demolished. Adjacent to the Campusplein will be a new entrance with a wide, inviting staircase to the first floor.

Furthermore, the building will have a new balcony ring all around, with seating areas on the balcony edge. There will also be a new glasshouse. 

The Lecture Hall will also have a connection to the new ATES-system (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage),in order to be able to heat and cool sustainably.

The renovation is done in parts, so that education can continue.

Before renovation
Before renovation
Oktober 2022


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