Sustainable demolition of the Gorlaeus tower

Carbon neutral demolition
This high tower of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has been successfully dismantled circularly, in which the steel in particular has been reused.


The university's ambition was to realize this demolition completely CO2-neutral and not to cause any nuisance. To ensure this, the assessment method BREEAM, level 'Excellent', was applied. By doing the work in different phases, the waste streams were easier to separate and the total demolition itself took less time. Rubble was processed into granulate at the demolition site, for reuse as a building material or road foundation.

When the demolition was already in full swing, the idea arose to save the lower layers of the steel structure and to use them as the basis of a new green bicycle parking at this location. Read more about this on the Gorlaeus Bicycle Storage project page. In addition, the materials have also been reused in other places. Read more about this in this article: Gorlaeus Highrise lives on in two new buildings in Leiden.


  • Run time
    2017 - 2019
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Leiden University