Sustainable demolition of the Gorlaeus tower

Carbon neutral demolition
The demolition of the high-rise building is completed. The remaining debris are removed and the area is cleared.


For the demolition, the University applied the BREEAM evaluation method at the level of ‘Excellent’, which means that the demolition operations were carbon neutral and did not cause any form of nuisance. By conducting the work in various stages, the waste flows were easier to separate and the demolition process took less time. Debris was granulated on the demolition site for reuse as construction material or for road foundations.

A part of the steel construction will form the basis of a new green bike park. More information can be found on the Gorlaeus Bicycle Storage project page. Materials have been reused in other places as well. Want to know more? Click here for the article: Gorlaeus Highrise lives on in two new buildings in Leiden.


  • Run time
    2017 - 2019
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Leiden University