Kolffpad student housing

Residential area in the Schilperoort Park
Leiden University is helping to increase the number of student housing units available in Leiden by allocating a large area to the student housing association DUWO.



A high-rise apartment building will be created in the Schilperoort Park. Here, a student complex with 22 floors will arise, which features 289 independent apartments and facilities for students. At the ground floor will be situated: the laundry service, three nicely furnished common rooms (among which a game & play room), a study café and a study area. When it comes to these shared spaces, DUWO tries to incorporate the ideas of students as much as possible. These common rooms will be used as an alternative by external users as well, considering the public functions of the University. 

The new complex will be - besides from the governmental sustainability measures - built from a nature inclusive perspective. It will include nesting boxes for bats, sparrows and swallows as well. Because the building will be connected to the district heating, the complex will be completely gas-free. The residents will be using electric cooktops; the electricity will be generated by solar panels.

The student housing will have affordable rental prices. Most of the apartments will be available for students under the age of 23, the other apartments are intented for students who are 23 years or older. It is possible to get housing allowance.

June 2023: The tower is almost ready to be inhabited when the new academic year starts.
June 2023: The tower is almost ready to be inhabited when the new academic year starts.
Oktober 2022
Oktober 2022
Oktober 2022
Oktober 2022
  • Run time
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Leiden University
  • Surface area
    10.000 m2
  • Unique Features
    Studentenhuisvesting Gezamelijke ruimten
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