Galapagos expands in the Oegstgeest part of the Bio Science Park
This biotechnology company develops medicines to combat diseases like rheumatism.


In the spring of 2022, Galapagos opened the doors of its new headquarters. This building alongside the A44 has a large, central hall where visitors are welcomed and people can meet each other. Special about this building is that the floors are both physically and visually well connected to each other, which makes flexibility possible.

To offer its employees a space to retreat or catch some breath in silence and tranquility, the company has built an adjoining biodiversity garden. This is done in collaboration with the university. 

Among the offices and laboratories there is a parking space and a bicycle shed.


  • Run time
  • Type
    Life, Science & Health
  • Landowner
    Leiden University
  • Surface area
    21.000 m2
  • Credits Architect: OZ Architects
    Picture credit: OZ Architects/Provast/De Vries en Verburg
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