A bicycle and pedestrian path throughout the whole park
The Hartlijn is the center of the park that connects all central places.


With the Hartlijn, a joint project of the municipality of Leiden and Leiden University, the infrastructure of the park will be significantly improved. In March 2022, the first stones were laid of this long path over the central axis of the LBSP. The first part, along the Zernikedreef, the Trambaan and the Sylviusweg, is now ready and in full use. The construction of the second part, after the Einsteinweg, will start after the summer of 2023. The part of the Hartlijn in the Oegstgeester part of the park is finished in the summer of 2023. 

Based on the shared desire for a green, healthy and safe park, cyclists and pedestrians on the Hartlijn have priority over other traffic. To emphasize this, the path has a striking, colorful appearance. It is also accompanied by an impressive plant strip with 21 species of medicinal officinales.

Cycling or walking along the Heartline becomes even more captivating due to the digital information pillars situated at various points along the path. These pillars feature constantly changing background information and updates about all the developments in the park, as well as portraits of life science entrepreneurs and announcements of events.

Up-to-date information about road works can be found in the project app of contractor BAM. Download the free app 'BAM infra projects' for up-to-date information, planning and diversion routes.

Juni 22: The Hartlijn has three types of bricks, one of which is polished. This shiny brick is easily visible in the dark.
October 22: The section of the Heartline along Zernikedreef is already in full use. Where the marigolds are currently blooming, a strip with medicinal planting will be added in a subsequent stage.
A small section of the Heartline is temporarily interrupted here, until the bridge over the water is completed.
These digital information pillars, with background information and updates about all the developments in the park, are situated at various points along the Hartlijn.
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