Janssen Biologics

Janssen expands further
Janssen is expanding its offices in the Leiden Bio Science Park with this new building in de Kop van leeuwenhoek. Janssen Biologics and Janssen Vaccines & Prevention have 13.500 square meter laboratory facilities at their disposal in this building.



Red Company is developing a hybrid building, which stimulates innovation and collaboration for Janssen. The spacious, future-proof workspaces are surrounded with facilities such as a spacious and bright atrium, a roof garden and a restaurant.

In order to fulfill Janssens wish for an advanced, sustainable and healthy building, two leading, international certification methods have been selected: BREEAM for sustainability and WELL for health and wellbeing. The ambition is to receive a BREEAM Excellent and a WELL Gold certificate.

May 2022
September 2022
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    Life, Science & Health
  • Landowner
    Universiteit Leiden
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