Living in New Rhijngeest South

Mix of housing and business area with lots of greenery and water
The development of the Oegstgeest side of the Bio Science Park has recently gained momentum thanks to the addition of companies like BioPartner 5, DuPont and Galapagos. It is an attractive development location for Life Science and Health businesses.


Leiden University is also working with the Municipality of Oegstgeest to formulate guidelines for a new residential zoning plan in this area. The plans include a maximum of 800 residences, of which 300 will be student apartments. The rural look of New Rhijngeest South will be preserved and will form an attractive backdrop for the new houses that will be embedded in the area in keeping with the natural environment. A boating harbour with cafés and restaurants in the vicinity of the houses will form a lively and central meeting point in the area.

The area between BioPartner 5 and DuPont will have a logistic road that runs along the rear sides of the buildings, so that trucks can load and unload there. Also, a parking lot consisting of 150 parking spaces will be realized. De Hartlijn - the walking and cycling route through the Bio Science Park in Leiden - will be extended through Oegstgeest. Rainwater will be collected in a buffer that is connected to the parking lot, logistic road and roofs.

Sustainability plays a central role in these developments. The mobility plan takes into account high-quality public transport and cycle routes, and new buildings include sustainable energy generation and attention for biodiversity. When developing the area, circularity is also taken into account. For example, the pavement of the parking lot consists of reused materials. The foundation of the roads is reused from previous projects in this area as well.


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