Kop van Leeuwenhoek

Openbare inrichting westelijk deel Kop van Leeuwenhoek
In the Kop van Leeuwenhoek, where the university's sports fields used to be, three buildings are currently being erected. In order to keep it easily accessible, the construction of the public space has also started, in consultation with the municipality.


Kadans is realising a multi-company building for laboratories and offices in this part of the Kop van Leeuwenhoek. Red Company is working on a building for Janssen Biologics. And the university is working on the public parking garage Ehrenfestweg.

In order to give the public space as much green and water as possible, the infrastructure has been kept limited in the design. The greenery gives way to biodiversity, but is also intended for staying and relaxing. The banks in this area are sloping, which gives a nice variety of plants.

The layout of this area will be completed in the summer of 2022.


In progress
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  • Landowner
    Universiteit Leiden
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    Veel ruimte voor water en groen
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