Westerdijkgarage Nieuw-Rhijngeest Zuid

Parking garage Nieuw Rhijngeest-Zuid
The Oegstgeest part of the Leiden Bio Science Park is a hive of activity, creating a lively and vibrant environment, in a natural, green and open setting. A nature-inclusive circular car park with a green roof and solar panels fits perfectly into this scenario.



This new, public garage offers a dry and secure place not only for 650 cars, but also for insects and plants that attract birds. The aim is for the garage to increase biodiversity in the area. The roof will be home to a variety of indigenous herbs, such as yarrow, ragweed and purple deadnettle, and even trees, growing in a lush habitat around the 286 solar panels on the roof. The plants will be in moveable crates so that the layout on the roof remains flexible.

A further striking feature of the building is the walls with aluminium panels at right angles to the façade. The panels will display a black and white image of a typical Dutch landscape: a border of reeds with here and there a fox, a rabbit or another animal. The image will only be visible when viewed from an angle. The slats allow the garage to be ventilated completely naturally, avoiding the need for a sprinkler installation.

The Westerdijkgarage consists primarily of a steel structure, 95 per cent of which is made from recycled steel. The concrete roof slabs will have no coating, so they too will be fully recyclable. The entire building can be easily dismantled after its service life. This 'legolisation' method used by contractor Goldbeck ensures that construction waste is kept to a minimum.

After the first stage of construction, the garage will provide spaces for 430 cars, which are available from september 2023. Later, a further 220 spaces will be added. The garage will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Run time
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Universiteit Leiden
  • Surface area
    650 parkeerplaatsen
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