Pesthuis Complex

The monumental Pesthuis Complex will be transformed into a meeting space open to all Leiden residents
A food hall, work spaces, a hostel, a short-stay hotel, restaurants, art and culture. The Central Government Real Estate Agency sold the complex to Citystone Group, who will be redeveloping this 17th century monument to a 24-hour venue.



Public space

The iconic Pesthuis Complex will be a place with a broad appeal, ideal for bringing people together. The spatial qualities of the complex provide fantastic opportunities for creating a food hall, small-scale co-working spaces, a short-stay hotel, and space for art and culture. The full potential of the Pesthuis can be fully optimised with only relatively minor interventions. The great diversity of the complex’s functions will create a public area for use by everyone.

One integral complex with the Van Leeuwenhoek Park

The developer views the Pesthuis Complex and the Van Leeuwenhoek Park as a single unit: an interplay between greenery, water and history. The entire complex will consist of three public areas: a park, a garden (the front area), and a courtyard in the Pesthuis. The walk around the complex will be restored with a varying art route.

A new pavilion will be added to the Pesthuis. Together with the Pesthuis, it will form a castle-like ensemble on the waterside of the Van Leeuwenhoek Park. This new pavilion will include a central technical room that will serve the entire complex.

The redevelopment of the Pesthuis complex is expected to start in early 2023 and will take about 1.5 years. If the renovation goes well, the new Pesthuis complex will be ready around the summer of 2024.

  • Run time
  • Type
    Green space Housing
  • Landowner
    Municipality of Leiden
  • Surface area
    6.667 m2
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