A lively entrance area for the Leiden Bio Science Park
In the area around the University Sports Centre will be the beating heart of the LBSP, with rental housing, shops, restaurants and other collective facilities.



Park More gives the LBSP the quality boost needed to become a truly vibrant park. The name MORE is not only a nod to the high dynamics in this part of the Leiden bio Science Park, where student and scientists work and live together. It also refers to Thomas More, a 16th century statesman who describes the ideal society in his book Utopia.

How to create the most optimal conditions for wellbeing in a district where ever-changing international students, teachers and scientists form a close-knit community and also are part of the city.

In the design a lot of space has been made for meeting places to promote social and scientific interaction. There are collective facilities, such as restaurants, shops and a hotel. The area becomes partly self-sufficient. This reduces the pressure on the external infrastructure and the environment. Of the 1100 rental properties, 700 are intended for students. Part of the 400 regular homes are intended for the international staff of the university.

In this entrance to the Innovation District LBSP, pedestrians and cyclists are the main users. The motorist can use the public parking garage on the west side of the entrance. The car-free zone offers plenty of space for greenery, despite the high building density. Around the buildings will be gardens with native trees and plants and ponds. The choices that are made here fit within the overarching biodiversity plan for the entire park.

Developer and investor Yishen is currently realizing the first two student housing complexes in the area. Student Experience is aboard for the exploitation.These two buildings will be ready for students to move into in the summer of 2023. Developer Lingotto is working on a building for international staff. In August 2023, the first pile will be driven into the ground for this purpose.

Please check out the latest news article regarding project MORE on the website of Leiden University: click here.

The student houses in the Entrance area under construction, viewed from the N206. September 2022
December 2022, seen from the Einsteinweg. The construction of 700 student residences in these two buildings is in full swing. The students who will live here next year will be the pioneers of this area, which still needs to be developed considerably. The facades of these 2 buildings are varied with an experimental superstructure as 'a contiguous skin'. Building 1 (left) is inspired by jazz and number 2 (far right) is based on techno music. These two are followed by the construction of building 5, in which various services, such as restaurants and shops, can be housed.
December 2022: The two parts of building 1 with student housing, with a shared roof terrace in between where a lot of greenery will be added.
July 2023: The first 2 housing complexes for students are about to be ready for students to move in.
July 2023: The first 2 housing complexes for students are about to be ready for students to move in.
July 2023: The first 2 housing complexes for students are about to be ready for students to move in.
In progress
  • Run time
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Leiden University Municipality of Leiden
  • Surface area
    64.000 m2
  • Credits Investor: Yisheng Development
    Architects: VenhoevenCS en Paul de Ruiter Architects
    Visualizations: A2 Studio
    Contractor: Heddes
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