Project MORE

A lively entrance area for the Leiden Bio Science Park
Following an extensive selection procedure, Leiden University and the Municipality of Leiden have selected investor Yisheng Development to develop a new section of the Bio Science Park. Rental apartments, shops, restaurants and other facilities will be realised in the area surrounding the University Sports Centre, between the Plesmanlaan and the Einsteinweg.


The development of the entrance area presents a significant qualitative improvement for the Leiden Bio Science Park. An important element in this development is the creation of a community of students, residents, and businesses. In the area between the Plesmanlaan and the Einsteinweg, 1,100 rental apartments, a hotel, shops, restaurants and other collective facilities will be realised. Leiden University and the Municipality of Leiden will deliver land cleared for building. This will then be developed and built in collaboration with the Yisheng team. The sustainable design includes a lot of greenery, open water, and native trees and plants. The entrance area will be practically car-free, giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists. The goal is to link the future campus square and the new University Sports and Examination Centre. Parking garages will be created on both sides of the entrance area.

Developer and investor Yisheng Development will be in charge of the development team (consisting of Lingotto, RED+ and Realnomics) and the design team (consisting of VenhoevenCS, Paul de Ruiter architects and Landlab). The exploitation will be in the hands of student housing association Student Experience, and sustainability will be guaranteed by consultancy firm Traject.

Please check out the latest news article regarding project MORE on the website of Leiden University: click here.


In progress
  • Run time
  • Type
  • Landowner
    Leiden University Municipality of Leiden
  • Surface area
    64.000 m2
  • Credits Investor: Yisheng Development
    Architects: VenhoevenCS en Paul de Ruiter Architects
    Visualizations: A2 Studio
    Contractor: Heddes
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