Sports and Examination Centre

A circular sports building on the campus square
Good sports facilities are indispensable on a university campus. The new Sports and Examination Centre will be located on the central green campus square, next to a new apartment building. The new building will be 1.5 times bigger than the current University Sports Centre.


The new sports centre will be a sustainable circular building and will also be used as an examination centre.

It will include a climbing wall and other new sports facilities, such as squash courts and a sauna. The entrance to the new sports centre will be located on the future campus square.

Architect firms Atelier PRO and Copper8 have been selected for this project due to their expertise with circular buildings. Other advisers on the project include Vintis and Pieters Bouwtechniek.


  • Run time
  • Type
    Sport Education
  • Landowner
    Universiteit Leiden
  • Surface area
    8.400 m2
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