With circular procurement and purchasing, the materials we use now are the raw materials of the future. Reusability, a longer life span and high-quality recycling are central to this.

Demolition and re-use

An incubator for innovation

Green bicycle park

One example of circularity on the Leiden Bio Science Park is the demolition of the former Gorlaeus high-rise building of the Faculty of Science. The lower floors of the old lab have been kept intact and will be given a new life as a green bicycle park.

Project page Gorlaeus high-rise

Re-use of steel

Around 150 tons of steel from the former Gorlaeus high-rise building have been re-used in the main supporting structure of BioPartner 5. Bricks, slate, sewage pipes, wood and furniture are some of the materials being given a second life in the building.

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A second life for paving stones

A car park built in Nieuw-Rhijngeest Zuid uses second-hand paving stones, giving them a second life. The same paving stones will be used in the future car garage on this spot.

New Sports and Examination centre

Circularity will be an important feature in the new Sports and Examination centre. From the outset, one of the principles was that at the end of its life cycle the building must be able to be demolished in such a way that the parts can be reused or recycled.

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