Quality of life and health

The Leiden Bio Science Park provides a sustainable environment and buildings, where the mental and physical wellbeing of the users of the park are of prime importance.

An incubator for innovation

Smoke-free areas

Smoke-free areas, such as near the University buildings, the University of Applied Sciences and LUMC, are all part of a liveable and healthy park.


Healthy food is part of the wellbeing of the area’s visitors. On the Leiden Bio Science Park there are different sustainable and biological restaurants. At LAB071, the main focus is on vegetables, with meat and fish being supplementary dishes.

De Stal

Restaurant 'De Stal' grows its own vegetables, fruit, herbs and (edible) flowers biologically in the restaurant’s own garden.


In 2016, Leiden University's catering outlets switched to the sustainable catering concept Pure, with its extensive vegetarian range. A vegan range was added in 2019. Offers highlight only these products. And there’s an additional advantage: the friendlier for the environment, the easier on the wallet. Lower prices for vegetarian and vegan products make choosing a more sustainable option easier and more attractive.
The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is also making great strides towards a healthy and sustainable food offering. The aim is to offer mainly pure and varied options, which stimulate healthy choices, do away with unhealthy options and prevent food waste.

Moving around the park

Walking and cycling are encouraged in the park. Taking the bike to work or to lectures and going for a walk during the lunch break are important ways of getting enough exercise during the day. The development of the Hartlijn - the green pedestrian and cycle path through the Leiden Bio Science Park – makes a valuable contribution here. University students, staff and companies in Leiden can also enjoy affordable sports at the University Sports Centre.

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