Living Lab

Outdoor laboratory moves to the heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park.
With this new location for a laboratory of natural ditches in the middle of nature, Leiden University can continue research into the long-term effects of humans on the natural environment for another ten years.


Watch the scientists from a terrace

In the 32 ditches that this living lab covers, Leiden University is conducting research into the long-term effects on water quality, flora and fauna of pesticides, fertilization and microplastics. From 2016, the Living Lab was temporarily located on the Oegstgeester side of the park.

The new location between the University of Applied Sciences, Mentor and Naturalis is now much more accessible to both scientists and public. From the terrace of lunchroom VRIJ you can have a great view of the ditches and see scientists live at work.

The Living Lab is an initiative of the Centre for Environmental Sciences of Leiden University.

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    Universiteit Leiden